EASY hard boiled eggs

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EASY hard boiled eggs


The easiest, most effective way to hard boil an egg (no green rings around yolks!)


Cooking Time: 10
Recipes Makes: 1
Calories: 63
Carbs: 0
Fat: 4
Protein: 6

Ingredients Related Tips

Eggs, Water


1) Fill a small, medium or large pan 3/4 full with tapwater (depending on how many eggs you desire to cook).
2) Place on the stove over High heat.
3) Once water reaches a boil, place desired quantity of eggs in the water using a Tablespoon or measuring cup. Turn heat down to med-high to prevent overflow.
4) Let eggs BOIL for 5 minutes then SHUT THE HEAT OFF and let them sit in the hot water for 15 more minutes.
5) After 15 minutes, run cold water into the pan until only cool water is left. Crack and peel your beautifully cooked, perfect eggs.
6) Sprinkle with salt and/or pepper for a snack or use in any recipe calling for hard boiled eggs! ENJOY!

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if you add salt before boiling to the water the eggs will peel easier.

6/25/2020 9:48:48 AM

I start with cold water to cover my eggs. Bring a boil. Cover and turn off, leaving the eggs in hot for 9 minutes 30 seconds. Cool ice/cold water. Perfect every time, they cannot overcook.

3/26/2017 10:53:37 PM

You can also crack an egg in a cup then put water on top and microwave for minute get soft boiled eggs

4/17/2016 12:33:44 AM

Crack the egg slightly after cooking but before going into bath. http://articles.latimes.com/2013/mar/30/food/la-fo-calcook-20130330

1/9/2016 4:45:08 AM

You can add a little white vinegar to the water. If shell should crack while boiling, keeps them in their shell.

10/11/2015 9:30:36 PM

I steam them for 20 minutes in a vegetable steamer,put cold water and peel.They never have green yokes ALWAYS peel very easy!

4/15/2015 9:09:20 PM

if you put cold eggs in boiling water, won't the break? they do for me and then have egg whites spilling out. (Maybe I'll try it again to make sure)

10/4/2014 3:43:56 PM

Just boil the eggs for 8 minutes, take them off heat, drain water and put cold in pan with ice.. In a couple minutes you will have cooled eggs, yolks won't green on can peel ease.

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