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  • Select ingredients from the"General" list If an ingredient is interchangable ( i.e. cheese, pasta, fish, etc...) that way more people will be able to see your recipe. ** WE NOW DO THIS FOR YOU **
  • Include ingredients in your "brief description" e.g. Light Chicken Dish. This will help other users find your recipe when they search for Chicken Dishes, or Light Dishes.
  • Make sure to choose the best category for your food, as well as a picture if available.
  • Contact with any ingredients missing from the list and I'll make sure to add them.
  • Have FUN and Submit as much as possible!
  • If the recipe you submit is Inspired or Adapted from another recipe you found, make sure you mention the source.
    • Any recipes discovered to be fraudulent will be deleted, prizes forfeited, and user will be ineligible to submit in the future
  • You may post recipes of others on this website as long as you acknowledge the source of the recipe and, when in doubt as to whether the description is protected, post your own description or only the listing of ingredients and basic instructions. You should only post photos or illustrations that accompany recipes if you have permission from the owner. If you do not have permission, you should prepare the recipe and post your own photo of the dish. By posting a recipe and accompanying content on our website, you are representing to us that, to the best of your knowledge, the recipe and the content does not infringe the rights of another, and are granting to us permission to edit the recipe and to publish the recipe and the content on this website for others to use, copy, edit, and download free of charge. We reserve the right to remove a recipe from this website for any reason, including claims of copyright or trademark infringement. 


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