Almond Cream Cheese French Toa

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Almond Cream Cheese French Toa


It's a biggin...


Cooking Time: 15
Recipes Makes: 24
Calories: 309
Carbs: 38
Fat: 11
Protein: 14

Ingredients Related Tips

3 Lb French bread (wide loaf)- Un-Sliced
4 Oz Almonds, dry-roasted - diced
8 Oz Cream cheese -- softened
1/2 C Raspberry preserves
24 Eggs
1 1/2 Qt Milk
1 T Almond extract
1 T Vanilla extract
1 T Cinnamon
Butter, maple syrup, powdered sugar


Cut bread into 1-inch slices and cut a pocket into each side. Combine almonds, cream cheese and preserves and stuff into bread pockets. Beat together eggs, milk and flavorings. Soak bread and saute in butter until browned on both sides. Serve 2-4 slices per person.

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