Baked Avocado Egg on Top

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Baked Avocado Egg on Top


bet you can guess what this is :)


Cooking Time: 5
Recipes Makes: 1
Calories: 385
Carbs: 18
Fat: 34
Protein: 10

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preheat oven to 425, have cast iron pan in there (or oven safe dish)
Slice avocado in half, take out pit (not too soft but not too firm either.)
take pan out, put avocado half on, crack egg in
put whatever you want on top
place in oven and cook till your eggs [are done how you] desire

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this was weird tasting. probably will never make it again.


what kinds of stuff would you put on top?! i'm not sure what "whatever you want" means! like herbs or cheese?!


Does it matter if the yolk accidentally breaks when you put it in the avocado? Will it affect the recipe (i.e. flavor/time/temperature)?


Use a small size egg or take some of the avocado out before cracking the eggs into the empty pit space.

9/12/2014 6:32:42 PM

I used quail eggs and topped mine with salt peper my favorite hot sauce from the Skunk Ape Headquarters in Ochoppe, FL

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