Apple Ring Pancakes

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Apple Ring Pancakes


Healthier than actual Pancakes


Cooking Time: 30
Recipes Makes: 4
Calories: 221
Carbs: 48
Fat: 2
Protein: 5

Ingredients Related Tips

1 batch Pancake Mix, prepared
1/2 cup (additional) buttermilk
4 medium apples


Heat a griddle over medium heat.
Prepare the pancake mix, mixing in the additional buttermilk, and ingredients
Peel the apples, core them, and slice them into 1/8" slices. Use a toothpick to dip each slice into the pancake batter, then onto the griddle. Cook until golden brown, flipping once. Serve warm with syrup or with apple cider that has been reduced with cinnamon.

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12/11/2014 4:40:15 PM

I used a whole wheat pancake mix and lite syrup, these are not really pancakes, they slices of apple, Granny Smith, with light coating pancake, found them to be quite good am sure fewer calories than the typical pancake.

11/2/2014 11:07:07 PM

i agree.. went hungry jack buttermilk pankncack site here is what found Nutrition Facts Amount per Serving Calories 150.. 3-4 pancackes BETTER OFF WITH OUT THE APPLES

11/2/2014 8:52:57 PM

Here's a thought, if you are looking to step it up total healthy choice use Koiak Cakes as is awesome. If haven't tried them just google wonderful.

11/2/2014 7:57:22 PM

Cont. How does adding an apple to the cooking process make it "Healthier than actual pancakes" as description says? Especially when says serve with syrup or reduced cider?

11/2/2014 7:57:00 PM

I can't stand stupid people. What does "a much healthier way to get that Pancake Fix." mean when the recipe directly calls for "prepared" pancake mix?

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