French Fry Pizza Gluten Free

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French Fry Pizza Gluten Free

Photo by: Foodinese


Gluten Free at least lol


Cooking Time: 20
Recipes Makes: 8
Calories: 377
Carbs: 36.3
Fat: 20.9
Protein: 11

Ingredients Related Tips

2lb Bag of Frozen French Fries


2 Cups of Shredded Mozzarella Cheese – Divided

Pizza Sauce

Toppings are optional


Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees F.

 Fry your French fries in a large pot or fryer at 350 degrees for 3 ½ – 4 minutes until nicely golden and crispy. Remove from fry oil and place on a paper towel lined plate and sprinkle generously with salt.

As soon as French fries are cool to the touch line a 12” skillet or a pizza pan with the French Fries. Using the sides of the skillet or the edge of the pizza pan as a guide make a circular crust with the fries in a single layer. Fill in and holes with additional fries. Don’t be afraid to break the fries into smaller pieces to fill in the gaps. A nice even layer of fries is what you are looking for.

Take 1 cup of the shredded mozzarella and sprinkle in an even layer across the French fries. The cheese will act as glue, keeping your “crust” together. So be liberal with the cheese and make sure there is some covering the entire pizza in a single layer and in all the nooks and crannies. Place in 400 degree F oven for 5 minutes.

Remove pizza from oven. The cheese should be melted thoroughly. Set pan on a heat safe surface. Turn your oven setting to broil.

Spoon ¾ cup of tomato sauce in an even and circular layer across the top of your pizza keeping about a half inch away from the edges. Now spread the remaining 1 cup of shredded cheese over the sauce also keeping a half inch away from the edge. At this point add your toppings (optional).

Place the pan back in the oven, which is now on broil, for an additional 5 minutes or until the top of your cheese begins to brown.

Remove from oven and let cool for about 5 minutes before serving.


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