Crispy Cheese Bites

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Crispy Cheese Bites


You need a frying pan...


Cooking Time: 5
Recipes Makes: 1
Calories: 94
Carbs: 3
Fat: 7
Protein: 6

Ingredients Related Tips

1 ounce cheese, sliced or grated (your choice)
ketchup (optional)
- you can put ANYTHING in these - it's delicious!


1 Preheat a nonstick frying pan on a medium-high heat.
2 Place a single layer of cheese in the hot pan. It will melt and then become crispy.
3 After it turns ?golden? on one side, flip carefully with a spatula onto the other side.
4 When golden, remove onto paper towels to blot the excess oil. (American cheese doesn't seem to need blotting.).
5 I like to eat this dipped in ketchup.

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Have not tried, but believe I will and break up and use as crackers for soup, as suggested. And I really like all the suggestions given for all my little bits and/or leftovers in my fridge. Good suggestions, especially if you do not like to cook.


This worked great! I shaped them into scoops as they cooled, and served with salsa rice (also found on this site) with beans and corn added. My 2 yr old couldn get enough. Yummy!


I made these by accident when the cheese started to ooze out of my quesadilla & my husband calls them "Cheesies" & now I make them as a snack! THE BEST!


throw some garlic powder on it too :) season it, don be scared of it. Its a great snack recipe - and cheese will make your breasts grow. You want gourmet recipes? Why did you go to a website that gives you recipes based on whats already in your frid


Horrible with Parmesan cheese and cheddar, does not work with Velveeta, works well and tastes ok with mozzarella. If you love cheese then maybe this is for you, i had to use oil to ensure the cheese would not sick and it worked well, just make sure


I feel like such trailer trash right now.

08/22/11 (1)

i just used sliced cheese and it worked perfecly u just have to leave it long enough


it doesnt stick because of the natural grease that is in the cheese. this dissapears, however once you blot it and in some countries, you dont even need to do that. if it doesnt go crispy, thats because you didnt wait until the pan was hot enough be


The cheese part is a great idea but eating it in ketchup is disgusting and so "white trash cooking" - a cookbook published in the 80s. The cheese would be lovely crumbled on salads or served with a nice thick potato based soup or instead of crackers


It wasn as bad as I expected. But it was kind of hard to do with sliced cheese. I would do shredded, maybe. I liked the ketchup. It was kind of messy though and made my kitchen smell bad.

06/23/11 (1)

it was a fail, doesn work at all\r\n




It was alright. Didnt get too crispy


sounds good, mine wont go crispy


@ person who said why doesn it stick\r\nit gets completely fried/solidified bc its so hot


Cracker made of cheese. Surely delicious but hey, if I get over 100lbs I freaK OUT. SO - TOO MUCH FAT. I will eat cheese in 10gram bits only, and its gotta be really good cheese.


Sounds good to me :D Never thought that a slice of cheese was a hidden cracker when you fry it!


i cnt imaginr why it wont stick on the pan


@first: bahaha! it sounds delicious. (:


Um, gross? Seriously, in ketchup?!

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