Banana Berry Pie

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Banana Berry Pie

Photo by: Mom :)


Party Hit!


Cooking Time: 30
Recipes Makes: 8
Calories: 377
Carbs: 18.5
Fat: 11.5
Protein: 4.8

Ingredients Related Tips

1 Graham Cracker or regular pie crust

2 1 Box of flavored gelatin 1 to 1 1/2 cups of your choice of berries

2 medium bananas (1 extra for decorating)

1 12 oz or 16 oz container of Fat Free or Low Fat Cool Whip (plain or flavored, depending on the flavor of your pie filling)


If you're going to use a regular pie crust, prepare only a bottom crust at the temperature recommended on the pie crust package; bake it until done (remember to make a few poke holes in the bottom so it can breath, remove and let it cool. Decide what type of berries you'll be using.

I usually use strawberries, so I use a large box of the Jello strawberry banana mix.

If you choose blueberries and bananas, you can use mixed berry jello - be creative! DO NOT MAKE THE JELLO!!

If you like a "full" pie crust, I suggest using the 16 oz. cool whip. Fold the dry jello into the plain cool whip (I do believe there is a strawberry flavored cool whip now, so that might be an option for your filling).

Make sure the granules are dissolved, so it will folded for some time.

Once it's not "gritty", take your clean, dry berries (slice them if needed) and gently fold them into the cool whip mixture. Then, add your bananas and gently fold them into your filling mixture.

If you want to be creative and make it decorative, you can circle the outside with bananas, then the next row with your berries, etc, etc. This pie is always a big hit every time I take it to a picnic or party.

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