Basic Breakfast Sandwich

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Basic Breakfast Sandwich


Good Morning


Cooking Time: 10
Recipes Makes: 1
Calories: 414
Carbs: 26
Fat: 27
Protein: 15

Ingredients Related Tips

2 slices bacon
2 slices bread
1 egg
brown sauce (optional)


1 Now you can either toast your bread or if you like leave it untoasted (I always have mine untoasted, but everyone else in my family toast theirs).
2 Fry the bacon (you can grill).
3 Fry egg.
4 Cut fat off bacon.
5 Place on one of the slices of toast.
6 Place the fried egg on top.
7 Add whichever sauce you prefer (I wouldn't recommend the both together).
8 Top with other piece of toast.
9 Cut down the middle.

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