Bacon Sheet

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Bacon Sheet


Great way to make sure the bacon doesn't fall off your sandwich :)


Cooking Time: 10
Recipes Makes: 1
Calories: 153
Carbs: 0
Fat: 12
Protein: 11

Ingredients Related Tips



  • Line a baking sheet with Foil or Parchment Paper
  • Cut Bacon slices in half
  • Weave the bacon like a basket, cut the bacon lengthwise if you want a tighter weave.
  • Place a cooling rack on top to make sure the bacon stays FLAT
  • Do not pan fry your sheet of bacon. Bake it in the oven for 15-20 minutes at about 350 - 400 degrees (depending on how crispy you like it). This will keep it from curling and becoming a waste of your time.

The cool thing about weaves is that you cook it and cut it to the shape you would like. Squares, triangles, trucker mud flap ladies or just cut it to fit your sandwich/burger. (my personal favorite because the bacon always falls off) Enjoy!

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8/2/2015 7:11:41 PM

The bacon taco looks so disgusting I would not try it

5/17/2015 2:14:41 AM

My so will die for this bacon! !##

3/30/2015 6:05:58 PM

OMG, my brother will think he has died and gone to heaven. I do this for his "Lumpper" week. (Lumpper is lunch/supper, works the 3rd shift!)

9/3/2014 10:00:01 PM

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