Apple Empanadas

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Apple Empanadas


Quick and easy dessert


Cooking Time: 20
Recipes Makes: 4
Calories: 244
Carbs: 15.2
Fat: 10.3
Protein: 4.2

Ingredients Related Tips

Tortillas (Flour Only)

Apple Pie Filling


Bananas (optional)


Butter Knife

Paper Towels Plates (paper or Plastic)


Put A Damp Paper Towel on a Plate.  Put a Tortilla on the Plate. Keep Layering Parer Towels and Tortillas Untill you have However Many Servings you Want.

Microwave With This Formula ( 1 tortilla x 20 secs) Once They are Microwaved

Take the Top one Off the Plate and Put it on a Different Plate. Sprinkle a Small Amount of Cinnamon on the Tortilla and Gently Rub it in With Your Fingers Unill Main Section of Tortilla is Brown.Add more as needed.

Take a Soup Spoon Full of Apple Filling and Put it on the Tortilla. Take Half of a Banana and Sclice About Quarter Sized Pieces And place Them on Apple Filling.(Optional)

Add Another Pinch of Cinnamon Onto the Apple. Do Not Rub in. Take the Rest of the Tortillas out of the Microwave and Repeat This Process untill All Tortillas are Full.

Place Two plates With Full Shells Into Microwave and Microwave on High For 30 Seconds. Take Them Out of Microwave and Place Them on Counter. Fold the top of Tortilla over the Bottom and Press Down.(You may Want to Add a Little Apple Filling Here.) Put the Same Amount of Cinnamon on top and Spread Gently Over Top of Tortilla. Enjoy!

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