Sheared Eggs

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Sheared Eggs


You gotta try this at least once


Cooking Time: 15
Recipes Makes: 1
Calories: 228
Carbs: 1
Fat: 20
Protein: 11

Ingredients Related Tips

1 tablespoon butter
2 eggs


1Preheat the oven. 325
2Melt the butter in a small heat proof dish.
3Crack the eggs into the dish and bake for 10-15 minutes.
4The whites should be cooked, but not hard.
5Serve with toast.

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Trying this!


Baked doesn have to be watched as close.:)


I did this once but replaced the butter with a light spray of cooking oil and put a little bit of water and a sprinkle of dried dill in the bottom of the cup then put a teaspoon of wateran a bit more dill on top. It worked out really well.


Going to try this today! As for the people with the negative comments- some ppl enjoy these things. Just because you simply do not enjoy something and make a snap judgement you should not be criticizing others for simply showing another way to do so


umm...frying the ggs in butter and baking the eggs in sort of the same thing.


If you fried the eggs then they wouldn be baked which was the basis for the recipe, baked not fried. Great, great way to cook eggs. :)


Great recipe, add on some cheese and its delicious!


Ive never tried " baked" eggs. Id heard the term Shirred Eggs before, but never explored what it meant. This sounds like a great base to start with, add-ons like cheese, finely diced veggies, olive oil and your favorite spices, Garlic! The choices ar


pretty delicious -- add some siracha or crushed red pepper or hollandaise sauce for an extra kick\r\n\r\neven better toast some french bread first by glazing it with olive oil and then cook the eggs on top\r\nyum




why not just fry the eggs and put it on the toast... voila! eggs and toast.


That would be "shirred" eggs.


Pre-heat to 325 - Sorry I missed that :)

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