Never buy Celery Again

regrow it yourself

Chill your wine in 6 minutes

Chill in 6 minutes

Bake Sandwiches between two baking sheets

Bake em' between two sheets

Make Lemon Wheels

Lemon Wheels... I think you could use this technique on other fruits and veggies too, but I'm a little caught up with the Lemons right now

Use tongs to squeeze lemons

More Juice less work

Add Instant Vanilla Pudding to your Cookies

Add vanilla pudding mix... keeps em' soft

Use a hanger as a recipe holder

Hanger recipe holder

Cool Angel Cake on a Wine Bottle

Cool Angel cake on a wine bottle

Turn Chocolate Chips into Chocolate Sauce

Turn chocolate chips into chocolate sauce

Ripen an Avocado quickly by storing it with a Banana

Store Avocados with Bananas to ripen faster

Store Natural Peanut Butter Upside Down

Store Natural Peanut Butter upside down

Plastic wrap over Ice Cream to save freezer burn

Wrap Ice Cream to avoid freezer burn

Easy way to chop peppers

Chop the tops and unroll :)

Baking Soda Kills Fires

Baking Soda Kills Fires

Plant your garlic for more garlic

1 clove equals 20 cloves

Temperature by Touch

Temperature by hand

Use a fork for the whole Oreo

Dunk the whole Oreo

Cut Carbs by using sliced bell peppers as chips

You save tons of Calories and Carbs AND they're naturally "Scoops"

Freeze Champagne in Ice Cube trays then drop in OJ

Freeze your Champagne in Ice Cube Trays... then just drop a cube into a glass of Orange Juice. Mimosas just got easier

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