Peanut Butter Cookies

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Peanut Butter Cookies


No Flour - Hope I got this right, if I did your family will love it!


Cooking Time: 32
Recipes Makes: 16
Calories: 158
Carbs: 12
Fat: 11
Protein: 3

Ingredients Related Tips

1 cup peanut butter
1 egg
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter, softened


1 Mix sugar and butter.
2 add peanut butter and egg and mix.
3 chill for 10 minute.
4 drop tablespoon sized balls onto a greased pan
5 bake in a oven preheated to 350 for 8 to 10 minute.
6 cool and enjoy.

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Easiest peanut butter cookies everrrrr.



i've made these many times, too sugary! and gives my husband wicked heart burn

1/18/2014 (1)



ADD BAKING FLOWER! That's it and it's gluten free!! :)


how much flour is every one adding?


I substituted the peanut butter with Nutella and it was AMAZING!! Some of the cookies came out a little gooey in the center, so next time I'm adding some flour to the batter.


I doubled this recipe so I'd have enough for Mother's day today, but my parents liked them so much, I have to make some more for today. And they don't usually like peanut butter cookies. I did add the flour, otherwise it's too gooey


I deleted the butter and added a drop of grape jelly in a centered thumbprint on top of the cookie. My 4 year old son LOVED helping me make these for his Grammies birthday today :) Delicious!


I made these in my mini cupcake maker for about 10 minutes/batch and they turned out pretty decent. Didn use butter though.


The first time I made these they were awful and runny so I added 1/2 cup flour to the recipe and the cookies cam out great.


looks like you pissed everyone off


Either take out the butter, or add a cup of flour or you will end up with a mess.


Don add Butter - they will come out fine for sure!


I tried this recipe and IT SUCKED. i would not reccomend it. i followed it perfectly and ended up with liquidy, goopy, yucky stuff that looked like poop.


I made them and the looked weird so I added some cocoa and they came out like long flat pancakes which were burnt and tasted terrible as well they seeped everywhere in the oven and made a HUGE mess so now I have to go clean it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! v


1 cup sugar, 1 cup peanut butter, 1 egg; 350 degrees for 10 minutes = best peanut butter cookies ever!


Don add butter use a whole jar of pb fill about 2/3 with sugar add 2 eggs and vanilla place 1.5 inch ball on cookie sheet press with fork back 350 for 12 minutes the most important let cool on the cookie sheet


worst recipe ever. i got a bunch of flat pancake looking things that were not cooked.. very mushy. super disappointed :(


StumbledUpon this website :) added some flour and a little bit of cocoa


Keep in mind that 350 degrees is fahrenheit, not celcius.


so good they will be made again.......make sure yu blend on high


Loved these! They baked perfectly. I did add some flour and I think that helped keep them together. I also added chocolate chips. yum!


I just tried to make these. They were mushy, at the same time they had a burnt taste and a burnt smell to them. I don know if I did something wrong or what, but they didn turn out like planned. I followed the directions to the "t". What went wrong?


Turned out TERRIBLE. Melted in the oven and just made a mess. DO NOT bake!


Yummy! I messed the first bacth up, too much butter and they were a bit eggy! But the second batch was lovely - highly recommended! Oh, and stumbledupon! :)


Ive been doing this recipe all my life, its great if you are allergic to flour. Tastes amazing, and even better if you put a chocolate star or a Hersheys kiss in the middle :)


ummmm....crashed and burned...what went wrong?


i think what needs to be specified is the amount of time meant to be spent in the oven. when i see cooking time, i see that has the time to do all the steps to ave the finished product


Really reaaaally nice. I burned the first batch a bit lol, but the ones that werent burned tasted gorgeous. Strongly recommend.


These are the best cookies, I made them the other day, so eazy and quick..the cookies were gone in mins... will be making it again :) and just adding a little bit of flour will help with the hold


the cookies didn hold all too well, but they tasted fantastic!


these were a disaster and i spent half an hour scraping a peanut butter goop mess off my cookie sheet.. DONT TRY THESE!!


These were awesome! Im pregnant and really picky about the foods I can eat (and keep down). These were really easy to make and tasted great.

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