Aunt Donnas Veggie Pizza

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Aunt Donnas Veggie Pizza


The Best!


Cooking Time: 25
Recipes Makes: 8
Calories: 390
Carbs: 20
Fat: 32
Protein: 5

Ingredients Related Tips

2 can cresent rolls
1 pkg Ranch Hidden Valley Dry Dip
1 pkg 8 oz cream cheese (room temp)
1 cup mayo
any type of veggie
shredded chesse ( optional )


Roll out cresent rolls on cookie sheet press seams
bake at temp on pkg of rolls until brown ( 10-13 min)
let cool

Mix cream cheese, dip and mayo together
spread on bake cresent rolls

Add any type of veggies you like - I use
brocc, cauli, carrots, green onions sprinkle with
shredded chesse

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I needed this specific recipe because it is my sons favorite, did a search and there it was!!!

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