Easy way to test the freshness of eggs

How fresh are your eggs?

Shiny Pie Crust

Shiny Pie Crust!

Slice Cheese Easy

Easy Slicing!

Get the shells out easy

Shells in the batter?

Cutting Meats for toppings

Omelets and quesadillas

Separate Eggs

Separate Eggs

Flat Bottomed Taco Shells

Flat bottom Tacos

Hard Boil Eggs in the Oven

Hard Boiled Eggs

Make Perfect Eggs

Different cooking

How to soft boil an egg

Handy little Chart

Use your egg slicer to cut cheese

Egg slicer to cut cheese, won't squish mozzerella

Old egg shells help the garden

Old egg shells help the garden

Keep tacos standing up with aluminum foil

Keep tacos standing up while you broil cheese