More Juice from Lemons

Microwave your lemons

Make Lemon Wheels

Lemon Wheels... I think you could use this technique on other fruits and veggies too, but I'm a little caught up with the Lemons right now

Use tongs to squeeze lemons

More Juice less work

Lemon and Vinegar - clean garbage disposal

Lemon and Vinegar - cleans the garbage disposal

Boil Condensed Milk to make Caramel

Boil condensed milk for caramel

Use a beater to Juice Lemons

use a beater to Juice lemons

Lemons Save Avocados

Lemons Save Avocados

Use lemon to get rid of water stains

Use lemon to get rid of water stains

Clean Cutting Boards with Lemon and Salt

Naturally Clean cutting boards with Lemon and Salt