Separate Bacon Easy!

Get to the bacon faster :)

Slice Cheese Easy

Easy Slicing!

Fluffier Mashed Potatoes

Not too fluffy?

Bake your Bacon

Bake your bacon

Crispier Fries

Crispy Fries

Use a hand mixer to shred chicken

Use a hand mixer to shred chicken... now that I set down the forks I can slap my forehead safely

Separate your bacon ahead of time - could be worth it

Separate your bacon before you freeze it.

Wash Potatoes in the dish washers

Wash a lot of potatoes at once in the dishwasher

Don't Store Onions and Potatoes Together

Don't store potatoes and onions together

Flatten Chicken in a Ziplock Bag

Flatten chicken in a ziplock bag

Bacon Hearts

Bacon Hearts