Tuna Stuffed Avocado

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Tuna Stuffed Avocado

Photo by: AllisonFrahn


Use Yogurt instead of Mayo


Cooking Time: 15
Recipes Makes: 2
Calories: 253
Carbs: 12
Fat: 18
Protein: 14

Ingredients Related Tips

1 medium Avocado
3 oz. can tuna, drained
1/4 cup each: green pepper, red onion, cucumber - all diced
1/3 cup nonfat greek yogurt, plain
1 tsp dijon mustard
1 tsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp each: sea salt
1 packet sweetener (i.e. Splenda or stevia)
1/4 cup fresh orange sections, diced


1. Slice Avocado in half, lengthwise (be careful of the pit, it’s big!) Split open and remove the bit.
2. Scoop out the center of the avocado, leaving about ¼ inch of the fruit all around, and put the scooped out fruit into a bowl. Set the halves aside.
3. Add tuna, pepper, onion, cucumber yogurt, mustard, lemon juice, salt and sweetener to the bowl with the scooped out avocado. Mix all ingredients until very well blended.
4. Add orange sections and mix gently.
5. Scoop half of the mix into each of the Avocado halves.
6. Put in refrigerator for approximately 10 minutes to slightly chill. (Or wait to take them out until you’re ready to leave for your picnic!)
7. Grab a spoon and eat up! Yum. Enjoy!

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