Homemade Mayo

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Homemade Mayo

Photo by: thehousebythesea


It's better - and you know what's in it, spice it up however you like (garlic, mustard, etc...)


Cooking Time: 10
Recipes Makes: 6
Calories: 225
Carbs: 0
Fat: 26
Protein: 1

Ingredients Related Tips

1 egg yolk, at room temperature
Olive oil, about 3/4 cup
Salt, just a pinch
Lemon juice, 1-2 tbsp


Now you need a whisk and a strong arm. It´s hard to whisk by hand for few minutes, so have someone with you to take turns.

Mix up the yolk, salt and lemon juice. Pour the oil VEEERY slowly, drops only. Then when you get it thick enough, looking like a mayo, you can pour the oil faster, until you have the consistence you like.

You can use any kind of oil, veggie oil, olive oil, peanut oil. Extra virgin has more flavor, but I kind of like that.

Spice it up as you like, with Dijon or garlic for example. (By mixing it in with the yolk).

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3/26/2015 11:01:02 PM

I'm trying this recipe now with my KitchenAid stand along mixer, using a med-high speed. I added the oil so slowly, it took me good 30 minutes to get 3/4c in bowl. So far, looks like an unappetizing yellow sauce. What am doing wrong?

2/9/2015 4:49:19 AM

I use my immersion blender for making mayonnaise, works like a charm and is finished in seconds!

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